We are Max and Paul, two 22-year-old students from Berlin, and we like to create things together. Everything started back in 2009 when we first met. Throughout the years, we went from playing video games and competing in Jugend forscht together, to making short movies, to thinking about building our own apps starting back in 2015, a few adventures since then - to today.

After many years of friendship and partnership, we are now finally starting to do what we always wanted to do:

Create things to do good in the world.

We believe that we can now do it the right way. Our way.

That's why we also didn't create another new name, but used the one we created when we were 15 years old: Malpaux.
A combination of our two names, symbolizing that we do things together and stay true to ourselves and our values.

We are excited to see what is coming in the future. And if you are too, then we would be honoured to stay in contact with you along the way.